The easiest way to write card games in Javascript

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cards.js is a library to write card games in javascript. It's not a framework, it does not try to tell you how to write your game logic, it's only about rendering playing cards, animating them and giving you a nice and simple way to use them in your games. Below you can see and play with an interactive demo. We also have documentation and annotated source code for a full game, a simplified version of Crazy Eights called Borderline Eights.

//Start by initalizing the library cards.init({table:'#card-table'}); //Create a new deck of cards deck = new cards.Deck(); //cards.all contains all cards, put them all in the deck deck.addCards(cards.all); //No animation here, just get the deck onto the table. deck.render({immediate:true}); //Now lets create a couple of hands, one face down, one face up. upperhand = new cards.Hand({faceUp:false, y:50}); lowerhand = new cards.Hand({faceUp:true, y:350}); //Deck has a built in method to deal to hands., [upperhand, lowerhand], 50) //Lets setup a handler to draw cards{ if (card === deck.topCard()) { lowerhand.addCard(deck.topCard()); lowerhand.render(); } }); alert('Try clicking the deck now'); //Let's move the deck and setup a discard pile deck.x -= 50; deck.render(); discardPile = new cards.Deck({faceUp:true}); discardPile.x += 50; deck.render({callback:function() { discardPile.addCard(deck.topCard()); discardPile.render(); }}); //Lets allow you to send cards to the discard pile{ if (card.suit == discardPile.topCard().suit || card.rank == discardPile.topCard().rank) { discardPile.addCard(card); discardPile.render(); //lowerhand.render(); } });